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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your mental wellbeing

Create a healthy routine if you have to stay home

Even if you’re working from home, staying indoors and physical distancing can lead to changes in your routine. This can have a negative effect on your mental wellbeing. Try to create a daily routine that helps everyone in your home to keep a sense of calm and order.

You could:

  • develop a routine for getting up and going to bed - The Sleep Council offers more information on getting a good night’s sleep so you feel alert and more positive during the day
  • eat meals at regular times - BBC Food has recipes to try when you’re staying home and don’t have access to the ingredients you usually use
  • set time aside for quiet personal time as well as shared activities - you could read, listen to music, start a diary, or do some relaxation exercises
  • stay active – make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do at home and start working through it
  • exercise at home, if possible
  • try playing a video game with friends online, or playing board games and cards with the people staying with you
  • schedule times to catch up with friends, just as you would if you were going out to meet them - there’s more information on staying connected later in this article
  • try learning something new – there are free courses available on the OpenLearn website, suitable for all ages and education levels

More resources for a healthy home routine

Age Scotland has a lot of information on maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing at home, including different activities you can do without leaving the house. They also provide a video with exercises that older people can do safely.

Young Minds has useful tips and resources for caring for your mental wellbeing while staying home.

NHS.UK has a series of 10-minute workouts you can do at home without equipment.

Active Nation offers an app with free home workouts.

Parent Club can help parents with everything from learning at home to finding reliable information about coronavirus and children.

The Mental Health Foundation has specific advice for taking care of yourself and creating a routine while we all need to stay at home.

Schools, colleges, universities and many workplaces will be sharing resources – stay in touch with them through phone, email, or their recommended channels.

Clear Your Head has more tips and advice on routine.

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